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Employment mediation is one of the most efficient methods available for settling disputes in the workplace. Whether issues arise between co-workers, or employees and employers, mediation brings parties together to explore the various solutions and settle disputes affordably and effectively.

Disputes in the workplace have a way of affecting the entire organization. Even if only one or two people are involved, it is not long until everyone is touched. The sooner a dispute is settled, the sooner everyone is able to return to their most important goal: supporting the company and accomplishing business goals. Workplace disputes arise because of differences in style, background/gender, leadership, and personality. This can lead to complaints of harassment or bullying, discrimination, and wrongful termination, among others.

Mediation is efficient and uses communication to get to the heart of a matter. Often in the workplace, the dispute at hand is not as simple as it might seem. Mediation makes it possible to discuss root causes of a dispute and truly settle the underlying issue. Parties are encouraged to take a creative approach to settling a dispute and are able to keep control of the final outcome of the process. This makes it possible to preserve relationships and move forward with a clean slate.

James Mayer’s extensive experience as a mediator allows him to help parties resolve their workplace disputes by focusing on the aspects of the issue that matter most. Call him today at 858.551.5525 to get started.

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