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Fees For Service

Services are billed on an hourly basis although arrangements may be made for a daily or multiple-day set fee. The hourly charge is $400.00 per hour covering the review of briefs and background material submitted by the parties, the mediation session(s) and follow-up discussions toward a settlement, if agreement is not reached during the session.

Jim participates as a volunteer on the San Diego Superior Court mediation panel. For court appointed mediations, there is no charge for time spent reviewing material before the mediation session. Only time spent in mediation sessions is billed. For the first two hours, the total fee is $300-$500 depending on the amount in dispute. Any time required after that will be billed at the regular $400.00 fee.

He participates as a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority panel. The fee is the same as the regular hourly charges but the process is administered under FIBRA’s guidelines. FINRA has a settlement month in the fall of each year when reduced rates are in effect for participating mediators.

Jim is very open to traveling to one of the parties/counsel’s offices for the convenience of the participants. He does not charge for travel time to any mediations in or out of California. For travel outside of 100 miles from San Diego, reasonable travel expenses may be required with a budget agreed upon ahead of time. If the parties agree, parties may participate by telephone or other electronic means although direct, personal participation by all of the parties and their representatives is strongly encouraged to maximize the opportunity for settlement.

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